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Here you can review our webinars, conferences and Live online events
and register for the next and future events and courses.
In future here you will be able to review all our event recordings online.

Hosting and sign in is based on the german platform video taxi (EU - DSGVO conform)


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technical guide

You can use any device ( smartphone, Laptop, Mac, PC, smart TV ..) for streaming our videos and events.
The streaming systems works best with the newest version of Google chrome on an HD or 4K certificied garfik card / device.

Internet- connection:
Prefer the best possible (LAN) connection.
Either use a wired (LAN) connection or a WIFI connection,
never mix it up (= disconnect / switch off WIFI while using LAN)

Prepare your device
Make shure that you have enough available grafic memory for the HD stream.
by opening a new browser window or better:
restart your device, close all not used apps and then open the video in a new chrome tab.

The video Taxi system uses adaptive streaming technologie.
It tests your internet connection and the performance of your device and
sends the videostream in the best possible resolution up to 4K.


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